March 23, 2018
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Asphault Bags

Flip-Lok bags (sterile)
The Most Versatile Sampling Container Available
  • Sterile
  • Single-use
  • Available with write-on strip
  • Clear polyethylene film for easy sample identification
  • Can be used in nearly all sampling operations with all types of products

Meat Bags

Plastic Coated Carrying Racks
Ideal for use with Flip-Lok and Whirl-Pak Bags

Racks are recommended for handling convenience, laboratory use, and transporting bags, especially with liquid and semi-liquid samples. A rack is available for every bag size. A double grid rack has a second grid approximately 1“ below the top. This keeps the bag upright, so that it does not slip into the rack. It is especially useful if the bags are transported in the rack.

Racks fit commercially available cooler

Soil Sample Bags

Stomacher Bags
  • Outstanding strength of the Stomacher bag ensures safe, quick and efficient processing of samples
  • High grade Polyethylene to give high impact even at low temperatures
  • All Stomacher bags are gamma irradiated to provide a sterile environment for accurate sample processing
  • Stomacher bags may be heat sealed to remove the threat of aerosol release
  • Stainless steel storage rack is available as well as closure clips which are used to create a leak-proof seal

Whirl-Pak Bags
Developed over 35 years ago, American-made Whirl-Pak® bags were the first sterile sample bags on the market. The were designed to provide milk hauliers with a container for collecting samples of bulk produced milk. Whirl-Pak® bags made possible the “universal sample system“. This means that the single sample can be used for all tests required for quality control, product content and legal complience.

Zipper Bags
  • Clear polyethylene film
  • 2 mil thickness is standard
  • Some sizes available with white write-on strap